Carolina Water Service, Inc. of North Carolina Hurricane Isaias Preparedness Update

Carolina Water Service, Inc. of North Carolina (CWSNC) is preparing for the potential landfall and aftermath of Hurricane Isaias .  CWSNC has activated its emergency management procedures in anticipation of the potential impact from the wind, rain, and flooding associated with a hurricane of this potential magnitude. Our operators will respond as  quickly as possible to any issues related to the hurricane, putting the safety of our customers and employees first.

CWSNC operators are working diligently to ensure all on-site and portable redundant generator power sources are tested, able to operate efficiently, and supplied with sufficient backup fuel supplies in the event of power loss to the water infrastructure.  Additionally, CWSNC operators are evaluating and securing  all supplies necessary for the water and wastewater plants to maintain operations for prolonged periods in the event roadways are impassable immediately after the hurricane.  Operational personnel may be reallocated to assist with maintaining operations at our Eastern North Carolina systems.

Due to the Covid – 19 virus, our employees  will observe physical distancing; and they’ll use the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) in field and plant work. Please refrain from engaging our employees unless an emergency situation arises.

Operators are relocating generators from our Western North Carolina service areas to ensure continuity of service in our Eastern North Carolina communities.

Fuel carts are ready to provide needed fuel to our generators on the coast to supply generators.

CWSNC works diligently during any storm or emergency to keep our water and wastewater services running.  However, in some instances, there may be a disruption in the service to allow CWSNC to take a system off-line to make needed repairs.

The My Utility Connect application is how CWSNC primarily communicates with our customers. They can choose to receive notifications via text, email, mobile device, or landline calls,.

Updates regarding our preparation and response post hurricane will also be posted on our website and social media accounts—Facebook and Twitter (@CarolinaWaterNC) to keep customers informed.

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