New Regional Manager – Dana Hill

Carolina Water Service, Inc. of North Carolina (CWSNC) is pleased to introduce Dana Hill as the new Regional Manager for in the Eastern Region of North Carolina. He served over 24 years as the Town Manager and Public Works Director for the Town of Snow Hill, North Carolina.

Dana is originally from the Greene County area of North Carolina where he is also served as the Fire Chief of the Snow Hill Rural Fire Department for 10 years and remains a member.

He possesses many certifications such as:

  • Biological Water Pollution Control Grade 4- NCWPCSOCC
  • Collections Operator Grade 2- NCWPCSOCC
  • Water Distribution “A”- NCWTFOCB
  • B Well- NCWTFOCB
  • Cross Connection Control- NCWTFOCB
  • Municipal Administration- UNC SOG
  • Grants Administration / Public Management- ECU
  • Utility Management Certification- NRWA
  • Served as President of the NE Section of the NC Water Operators Association
  • Member of NC Rural Water Association Emergency Response Planning Committee
  • Member of NC AWWA Board of Education and Examiners

He has 2 children; Taylor (18), Kaylee (13) and a beautiful rescued American Bull / Saint Bernard mix, Bella and has been married to wife Valerie for 22 years.

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