GenX Update – Non-Detect in CWSNC Wells

GenX – Background and Carolina Water Service, Inc. of North Carolina’s Response

Recent media reports have provided details on GenX, a manufactured compound that has been detected in the main water supply of the Cape Fear River and linked to The Chemours Company, (formerly DuPont) and its use of the compound in manufacturing processes at its Fayetteville, North Carolina plan. GenX was apparently introduced in order to replace the use of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) after PFOA was identified as a carcinogen. As a result of the discovery, Chemours and the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality released the following information:

Chemours Gen X Statement

North Carolina DEQ GenX Investigation

Carolina Water Service Inc. of North Carolina’s (CWSNC) systems and customers within the Cape Fear area are served exclusively by well water. For its part, CWSNC proactively sampled several of our wells in this area including the Belvedere, Olde Point, Mason Landing, and Treasure Cove wells. The samples were sent to a certified laboratory capable of analyzing for the GenX compound. 

CWSNC is pleased to report that the resulting analysis shows no detectable levels of GenX in our samples


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