Hurricane Irma – Be Prepared

Dear Carolina Water Service, Inc. of North Carolina Customers,

While the exact path of Hurricane Irma is still difficult to predict, the potential for impact along the coast of North Carolina exists.

Staff will continue monitoring the potential path of Irma until the hurricane is no longer an issue for our coastal communities.

In the event Irma turns toward the North Carolina coast, we encourage everyone to heed all warnings and advisories from local authorities and keep your families safe.

In times like this, we always encourage our employees to be guided first by concern for the welfare of their loved ones. But we also want to assure all our customers that we will do everything possible to maintain water and wastewater service to your communities. Power outages, extreme rainfall, local flooding, etc. can all make that a challenging task, but we intend to do all that we can to ensure service.

Please use this site as a primary source of information regarding your water and wastewater service in the event Hurricane Irma impacts the state.

Again, please follow the instructions of the authorities and make your safety your number one concern.


Matthew Klein
Carolina Water Service, Inc. of North Carolina

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